Changeset [cb3fb8a1eadb84c5381c6034b8e97019fb5e1b02] by Anton Astashov

November 21st, 2008 @ 05:56 PM

Added DB-side constraints of foreign key and unique indexes

Committed by Anton Astashov

  • M app/models/category.rb
  • M app/models/partner.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081030095504_create_roles.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081030095627_create_users.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081030095704_create_roles.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081031012707_create_credit_cards.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081031094955_create_partners.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081101061343_create_categories.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081101070256_create_feeds.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081101094955_create_partners.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081102120707_create_credit_cards.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081105031107_create_feeds_partners.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081105052513_create_subscriptions.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081105071343_create_categories.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081118105348_create_payments.rb
  • M db/migrate/20081118110114_create_payment_actions.rb
  • M db/schema.rb
  • M lib/migration_helpers.rb
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